2023 Fall Meeting: Presentation Instructions


Presentation Instructions

Please prepare your presentation according to the following instruction.

It will be posted on the “Meeting Information”(https://jpn-psa.jp/en/meeting-information/) later.

All presentations will be made orally on-site.

Presentation Time
Each presentation will be allocated 10 minutes, including discussion time.
* Presentation 7min., Discussion 3min.
The discussion will start immediately after each oral presentation.

Presentation File
Please prepare your presentation material as a PDF file of 8MB or less, and bring it on a USB memory stick.
Please use the system (normal) fonts for character input.
Please note that the use of audio and video are not allowed for your presentation.

Other details
We will post the other details on the website later.
(Meeting Information)

If you have any questions, please contact the JPSA Office.

Japan Poultry Science Association
E-mail; jpsa-s@naro.affrc.go.jp
Phone&FAX 029-838-8777