About JPSA

The predecessor of Japan Poultry Science Association (JPSA) was begun in 1954 as a branch of World Poultry Science Association. In 1966 the JPSA was formally established. The objectives of the JPSA are to contribute to advancement of the poultry industry in Japan and internationally through fundamental and applied researchs in the field of poultry science.
The principal missions of JPSA are to promote studies and to extend research information related to poultry science. Examples are as follows:

To hold scientific meetings for presentation of research findings and general meetings twice a year.
To publish the two official journals, The Journal of Poultry Science” in English (4 issues a year) and “The Japanese Poultry Science” in Japanese (2 issues a year).
To honor individuals who contribute to the outstanding development of poultry science and the poultry industry.
To introduce state-of-the art information on research and technology from overseas countries to related associations and industries.