Regarding the rehearsals for the presentation(Sep.9-10)

To all presenters
We will have some rehearsals for the connection test and the operation check.
Please participate in rehearsals during the following schedule.
We will do rehearsals line up in order, and it will take a few minutes per person. 

September 9 (Thu) 11:00 – 12:00, Japan Time
For the Best Presentation Award Candidates – (I-1~I-15)

September 10 (Fri) 11:00 – 12:00, Japan Time
For the presenter of the General Presentations – (I-16~I-26)

Connection, microphone/speaker/camera testing
Operation check of PDF file sharing and chat

File preparation for the rehearsal
Please prepare a PDF or a PowerPoint test file for the rehearsal.
Actual presentation file is not necessary for the rehearsal, but you may use it.

Connection environment
Please access the rehearsal rooms from the same internet environment as the day of the meeting.
We recommend that you use a PC with a wired-connected internet system to access Zoom.
Please note that if your PC is connected to the internet under an unstable communication environment such as a pocket Wi-fi, it may cut off the connection during your presentation.

Please be sure to attend the rehearsal at least once.
If you can’t attend the rehearsal on the designated date, please attend on another day.
If you wish to change the participation date, please let us know in advance.
If you are not sure about the operation of Zoom, please participate in rehearsals several times.

Contact: JPSA Office,

To all presenters,
We have sent an email to all presenters with the rehearsal information on August 24, including Zoom URLs. If you haven’t received it, please let us know. We will send it again.