Regarding the rehearsals for the presentation

To all presenters for the spring meeting.
We do not require participation in the rehearsal this time.
If you would like to check the zoom operation in advance, please access the room on the morning of the meeting.

March 29 (Wed) 8:00 – 8:40, Japan Time

To be announced later.

Connection, microphone/speaker/camera testing
Operation check of PDF file sharing and chat

File preparation for the rehearsal
Please prepare a PDF or a PowerPoint file.

Connection environment
Please access the room from the same internet environment as the day of the meeting.
We recommend that you use a PC with a wired-connected internet system to access Zoom.
Please note that if your PC is connected to the internet under an unstable communication environment such as a pocket Wi-fi, it may cut off the connection during your presentation.

If you are unsure about using Zoom, please feel free to contact us for individual support on March 20th, 22nd, or 24th.

JPSA Office,