JPSA Conference/Meeting Research/Symposium Presentation Regulations

Japan Poultry Science Association Conference/Meeting Research/Symposium Presentation Regulations

1.  Japan Poultry Science Association (JPSA) Conference/Meeting is the research conference/meeting or symposium held by Japan Poultry Science Association.

2.  In principle, the content of research presentations should be unpublished. However, any special lectures and keynote speeches are excluded.

3.  Presenters of general presentations must be individual members of JPSA.

4.  The editorial board will decide whether to accept or reject the general presentation.

5.  The presenters are responsible for the content of their presentations. JPSA will not be held accountable for any problems may arise during the presentation or discussion.

6. The copyright of the abstracts published in the proceedings belongs to JPSA regardless of whether the abstracts have been revised or canceled. Abstracts cannot be reprinted in any other publications without the permission of the Editorial Committee.

7.  Abstracts of presentations should be prepared according to the format specified by JPSA.


These rules shall be applied from December 10, 2020.
Revised on March 19, 2021.