Participation Fee/Proceedings Fee and Payment

<Participation fee>

Regular Member   2,000 JPY
Non-member 3,000 JPY
Honorary Member    0 JPY
Senior Member    0 JPY
Student (both members and non-members)  0 JPY
Overseas (both members and non-members)  1,000 JPY
Supporting Member     0 JPY


Printed copy 2,000 JPY
Online PDF version 1,000 JPY


<Payment Options>
You can pay each fees by Credit Card or Postal Transfer.

Credit Cards
MasterCard ・Visa・Jcb ・Amex ・Diners
Credit card payment will be processed through ROBOT PAYMENT Inc.

Postal Transfer
Account 00120-3-95917
Name Japan Poultry Science Association

<Due date>
Monday, March 15.

Please let us know if you need the receipt. A PDF receipt will be emailed to you later. If you pay by credit card, you can download it from the registration site.


<Membership Fee>

If you wish to pay your membership fee by credit card, please pay it in this chance with the registration fee and the proceedings fee.
Please make sure that your membership category is correct.
Membership Details

Regular Member A (The World’s Poultry Science Association Member)  10,000 JPY
Regular Member B  7,000 JPY
Student Member A (The World’s Poultry Science Association Member)   4,500 JPY
Student Member B  3,000 JPY
Senior Membe   3,000 JPY
Special International Member (50US$/Year)      5,000 JPY