Spring Meeting 2019:Presentation File Preparation


Presentation File Preparation:

1) Please send your presentation file as PDF format (less than 8MB) from March 18 to March 28(kakinpresen2019s@jpn-psa.jp).
2) Each presentation is allocated 10 minutes including discussion time.
* Presentation 7min., Discussion 3min.
Bell rings three times during the presentation:
* First bell rings at 5 minutes passed.
* Second bell rings at 7 minutes passed meaning the end of presentation.
* Third bell rings at 10 minutes passed meaning the end of discussion.
3) Please name the file using the presentation number, room number and the presenter name.
(ex) In the case of the 20th (presentation number) in the 2nd Room, presenter: K.Sato
File name: 2.20-K.Sato-2019-spring”
4) Please bring your file into USB flash drive just in case.
5) Please operate a PC by yourself.
6) During all presentations at the meeting, taking photographs and recording video tapes are prohibited.

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